Signing up as an event host allows you to receive event opportunities via email. You get to choose which events you participate in. 
For reference
Tours have a limited number of spots available. To be a Blog Tour Affiliate and participate in tours, you must have a blog.

Promo Affiliates only involve promotional posts like spotlights, interviews, giveaways, etc. Most promo events don't set a cap on the number of participants. Social Media Affiliates can participate in promo events and don't need to have a blog.

Review Affiliates do not have to have a blog. Review Affiliates can post reviews on Goodreads and other review websites.

To simplify:
  • Choose Blog Tour Affiliate if you're willing to do reviews and promotional posts on your blog. 
  • Choose Review Affiliate if you're willing to post reviews on your blog or review websites, but not do promotional posts.
  • Choose Social Media Affiliate if you don't have a blog but you're willing to do promotional posts via social media. 
  • Choose Book Club Affiliate if you're willing to promote audiobooks within your bookclub (online or other).

After successfully signing up, you'll receive an affiliate welcome email listing all of the opportunities currently available. If you don't receive the welcome email, check your junk folder. Please add to your contacts to prevent my emails from being mistaken as junk.

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